Whitewater kayaking

Begna river is first and foremost known for good trout fishing. In 1991, however, the fish and fishers got company from whitewater kayakers. Begna flows calmly through the valley, with only minor currents and whitewater that pose nice challenges for beginners. There are many large eddies where one may practice technique. The formations of the river are nice for learning about river currents and why they behave like they do.

The first paddle strokes on Begna river were taken by one of this company’s founders in 1991, when Begna whitewater kayaking club was founded. Since then, many more strokes have been taken in many different rivers in Norway and abroad, but, without doubt, most of them have been taken on Begna river. We know all the waves on all water levels and want to teach you all that we know. Join us for a trip on Begna river!

Trip on Begna river
699krper person

Experienced kayakers will guide you on a few selected kilometers of Begna river. We’ll provide you with an introductory session and all the gear you need. You only need to bring a towel!

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