Hølera canyon was made famous by Norwegian author Mikkjel Fønhus, who in his book wrote that someone is hollering in Kvervill canyon. People are still screaming in the canyon, but now of joy. Hølera canyon offers untouched nature, steep mountain walls, low and high water falls, calm eddies and whitewater. Experienced instructors will guide you through the canyon; show you where to jump, where to crawl, and where to swim. Regardless of which trip you choose, you’ll have an unforgettable experience. The canyon is one of the few canyons that are not regulated, so we rely heavily on the weather gods. If water flows allow it, we’ll happily guide you and your friends through Hølera canyon!


599krper person

We’ll show you some of the canyons secrets. There will be many opportunities for a swim, but instead of going through the more challenging elements of the canyon, we’ll walk around. The trip is still somewhat strenous, as we’ll walk in and out of the canyon several times. We conclude the trip with a visit to Trøllstugu (literally Trolls’ cave).

You need good shows, and we recommend clothing appropriate for one or more swims in the canyon.

Age limit: Children able to swim between 10 and 16 years may participate at parents risk and responsibility.

799krper person

We’ll stay in the canyon for as much as possible and take advantage of every possibility to wade, jump and swim the challenges the canyon has to offer.

You need good shoes that can be used in water. Wetsuit, life vest and helmet is included.

Age limit: 18 years

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